Timani is no ordinary body work

Timani teacher body work actress

Timani is no ordinary body work

As a professional actress who has used her body and voice her whole life, nothing compares to what I have been shown, experienced and learnt since starting my Timani education!

My shoulders have always been my sticking point- too rounded, too high, I was told to “relax them” and “stand up straight!” by many people in my life: from my mum to directors!

This lasted all of some minutes before my role in my performance would take over and i’d be back in my old patterns.

This was frustrating and I somehow felt responsible for not being able to “manage” my body this way.

Then I met Timani and it was like working from the inside out for results. Suddenly everything stated to make sense! The supreme anatomical explanations and specific Timani excercises have given me what I always strived for, a more neutral and balanced posture, with less pain and stiffness, but in a direction I had never accessed in an other techniques I learnt (Alexander, Pilates, yoga etc.)

Timani is helping set my body truly free and I know this is just the beginning of my full potential, which deeply excites (rather than scares me!) now. For that I will be forever thankful to Tina for her ruthless questioning and discovery making she did over 20 years to now deliver it to me in one swift Timani-shaped package.

Because my body is learning how to access and use true support from the CORRECT muscles, it is becoming stronger and the over worked, tense, muscles are becoming more relaxed as a natural bi-product instead of something I needed to make them do (as if I can MAKE something relax, huh?!)

Because of this everything is affected and I can’t wait to keep exploring and developing my singing voice and performance from this more neutral and accessible space.

If you want the best of the best for your body, music, creativity and life, take it from me- it’s got to be Timani!

Lindsay McKenzie Ross, life coach, Timani teacher, actress and singer