Precision and details

fiolinist stine rem rem aarønes

Precision and details

I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old, and it was obvious that it was easy for me to learn things quickly. Many called me a natural talent. I loved playing the violin, and I was always happy when I could go to my room and play by myself. It was my safe haven.

When I had played the violin like this for about 25 years, it was clear to me that something new needed to happen. I remember how I was reluctant to go into the details of violin playing through my whole studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music. I later saw that floating on talent and not going into details held me back from developing my playing further. It stopped me from growing both as a musician and as a human being.

Daring to demand more precision of my playing, daring to look at the details both through Timani and other ways has created changes in me as a musician and person. I would say that I am much closer to the dream of being a great musician now than ever before. I had never imagined that moving so deeply into the matter that I have done through Timani could be so fun! The more details I explore, the more fun it gets. One aspect is feeling the growth as a musician, and another aspect is how I now feel that I play the violin in a conscious, much more concrete, planned and consequent way.

When this forms the fundament of my playing, it is so much easier to be free when I play.

Written by Stine Rem Aarønes, Timani teacher and 1st violinist in the Norwegian Radio Orchestra