Kinetic Control

We offer Kinetic Control from The Movement Solution for the ”hard” cases. Kinetic Control is an internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy that offers a structured approach to help you optimise movement health. By implementing Kinetic Control, you will benefit from a system that is clinically proven to produce outstanding results. Comprehensively researched and supported by the latest understanding of movement impairment, you will be able to receive quicker recovery rates, reduce recurrence of pain and enhance your quality of life.

You can order a session in Kinetic Control from certified Kinetic Control Therapist Tina Margareta Nilssen

You can read more on their website  here.


Einar Fagerheim i Stavanger/Sandnes (

Fiona Jamieson i Stockholm (

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We have several people doing massage in our team (Oslo).

Elin Marie Christensen:

Maren Nygård:

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We also recommend KMI therapist Bjørnar Theigmann who works in Oslo. He has plenty of experience with musicians and is well informed with everything going on at the Timani academy. Contact him directly on +47 41020505.

Cranio-sacral therapy

Augustine Rikkeliva Nygaard gives sessions in Trondheim, Oslo and Inderøy. You can read more about Augustine here.