Performance Coaching

Performance coaching for musicians

Do you feel that you have mental blocks that stop you from performing your very best?

Do you get nervous when performing, or is your motivation and inspiration low?

Then a coaching session with one of the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute coaches might help you! All the coaches are musicians and Timani teachers with additional educations as mental coaches (mainly through Mind Detox Method and Brainspotting – see below for more information about these methods). We offer effective tools. In combination with the physical coordination in Timani and our meditation courses, you will have access to your full potential as a human being and musician!

Our coaches

Bilde Lotta nært

Lotta Karlsson is a Timani Master Teacher who lives in Oslo. She is a classical pianist, and a singer songwriter. She has studies piano at Barratt Due Music Institute, and uses Mind Detox and Brainspotting in her coaching sessions. She is also a metidation teacher. Lotta offers coaching both on Skype and in Oslo.


Bilde Björg

Björg Brjansdottir is a Timani Master Teacher who lives in Reykjavik and Copenhagen. She plays in orchestras and tours with Björk. She is also a meditation teacher and in her coaching she uses both Brainspotting and Mind Detox. She offers sessions in Reykjavik, Copenhagen and online.


Picture Elin Marie Christensen Timani musicians body

Elin Marie Christensen is a Timani Master Teacher living in Oslo, Norway. She plays the violin and has founded where she helps musicians to overcome any mental and physical block. She is also a meditation teacher and in her coaching sessions she uses Mind Detox and Brainspotting. She offers sessions in Oslo and online.


Siv Øyunn Kjenstad is a Timani Master Teacher coach that lives in Oslo and Copenhagen. She is a drummer and artist that has toured extensively with Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conception of jazz and Efterklang. She also has her solo project Øyunn. Siv offers Mind Detox and Brainspotting in Oslo and Copenhagen.


Bilde Steinar

Steinar Børmer is a Timani Master Teacher and a double bass player in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Steinar is also a meditation teacher and a MovNat instructor. He offers coaching with Brainspotting and Mind Detox in Oslo and online.


Bilde Tina

Tina Margareta Nilssen, is the leader of Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute and the creator of Timani as well as a pianist. She has various trainings as a mental coach, amongst other Mind Detox and Brainspotting. Tina is also a meditation teacher and a massage therapist. She offers sessions in Oslo and online.


You can also contact our other experienced practitioners: Miriam Hlavaty through her website and Henrik Vanvik-Hovstein. You will find their contact information on the “Teacher finder” page.

What is?

Mind Detox

Sandy Newbigging, founder and creator of the Mind Detox Method


David Grand, founder and creator of Brainspotting


Some Timani teachers have additional educations and can therefore also teach meditation. Contact us for more information about these courses on

Have you missed a practice of deep relaxation?

Do you experience that inner peace is hard to experience in your everyday as a musician?

Or are you just curious about what might happen if you get a tool to “go inward”?

In Timani we recommend musicians to have a daily practice of some form of meditation. This works to develop the brain, create less stress and can help you be more present in the moment on stage and in the practice room. It is vital to find a form of meditation that you like. There are many meditation techniques on the market, including Mindfullness which has become very popular. The most important thing is to find something that is experienced as meaningful to you personally.

At the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute we have chosen to focus on a meditation technique called ”The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension”. This is not a part of Timani, but is practiced by the Timani teachers to find inner peace and focus. It is simple to use and can be practiced with both eyes open and closed. You can find courses in the whole world on this website HERE.

Check out the website:

The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension meditation

Teachers tell about Ascension