Workshop in breath and support

  • Do you utilize your lung capacity optimally?
  • Do you feel able to achieve what you want on your instrument or do you feel limited?
  • Do you want access to more energy and power to express what you want freely and with ease?

As a singer and wind player, breath and support are paramount for the quality of sound, endurance, phrasing, flexibility, and the sense of control.

In this workshop you will receive an overview of what happens in the body when we breath, 4 different types of breathing, what type of breathing gives you the most energy and power in your performance and where in the body you can find the most optimal support and stability while playing and singing.

We will go through relevant anatomy, specific exercises for breath and support and also transfer all this to the instrument.

Practical Info:


DATE: Sunday 8th December

PLACE: Oslo, place will be announced on registration.

PRICE: 450/700 NOK (student/adult)


Instructors are Magnus Dorholt Kjeldal (opera singer, ascension teacher and Timani teacher) and Julie Enger Børresen (vocalist, drummer and Timani teacher)

For questions please contact