Timani Workshop for all musicians

Welcome to a Timani Workshop in Paris!

Language French and English


The exact date is not set yet, but will be in the autumn of 2017


Annasara Lundgren and Linn Lillsunde


Timani helps you access and optimize the finely tuned coordination needed to perform music with the body and the mind as active and conscious helpers.

This course will leave you with a clearer understanding in terms of subjects such as technique, sound, power and relaxation. You will receive theoretical knowledge of relevant anatomy, neurology and functionality pertaining to playing/singing and learn how to apply this knowledge in order to attain more as a musician. This knowledge is also highly useful in order to avoid or alleviate strain injuries related to playing/singing.

The course offers the chance of connecting theory and exercises through playing, which enables you to become independent in creating your own development. By mastering new parts of the body you will be surprised and inspired by the immediate effect on playing your instrument!

The course is open to anyone who wants to develop as a musician and/or music teacher.


€35 (repeaters get this course for free!)




Contact: linnlillsunde@gmail.com