Timani workshop for musicians

Timani workshop for musicians.


Your body is your primary instrument. Without it no music is possible and through
knowledge of it we get closer to the music and to our initial joy of playing. Are you
interested in learning more about what actually happens underneath the skin when you are
playing an instrument/singing?
This workshop is for you who:

  • Want to have more presence, awareness and joy while playing
  • Want to alleviate or avoid future playing-related strain injuries.
  • Want to increase your strength, endurance and rapidity when playing.
  • Want to learn how the deeper layers of your body can affect your mental and physical state when playing
  • Want to learn about the physical requirements for a free, healthy and full breath.
  • Want to find out if the way you move during playing might be keeping you from realizing your full musical potential.

The course is open to anyone who wants to develop as a musician and/or music teacher or to anyone interested in learning how to use their body in a more optimal, wholesome and less straining way.


Miriam Hlavaty - Timani teacher, pianist, lecturer and Nutritious Movement instructor.

Information and registration:

Maja Bugge , maja@majabugge.com, phone 07756 027241.


Lancaster University (TBC)


Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of November 10am-3pm.


£120/£100 for students and unemployed.

Registration by: October 1st.