During this 5 hour workshop you will (among other things) learn:

  • Anatomy and physiology essential for musicians.
  • Optimal coordination in your body, hands and feet (!) for playing an instrument or sing.
  • How to use the way you are sitting and standing to support and create that beautiful sound you’ve always longed for.
  • The truth about shoulders – what muscles should relax (as people keep telling us), and what muscles actually NEED to be active in order to play an instrument to avoid injury.
  • The anatomy of breathing and support and the physiological requirements for having a "natural" breath.
  • Physical and mental techniques for getting more awareness and presence during playing and performance.
  • Learn to analyze your movement (and others) while playing in order to discover possible reasons for returning tension or strain injuries.

We will go through a lot of exercises that enhances your coordination and you will get the opportunity to try things out on your instrument. In order to get a deeper understanding you will also learn to observe and analyse others.

Practical Details

DATE: 25TH FEB 2018


Sunday 11am - 4pm


600,- NOK (student) This includes a private follow-up lesson (value 500,-) and the Timani manual. If you have attended the weekend course previously you can attend for 400,- (this does not include a follow-up lesson)


Miriam Hlavaty (www.thelisteningexperience.com)