Date: 11 - 13 may 2018

Place: Bergen

Teachers: Thomas Stenborg and Miriam Hlavaty

Price: 2500/1800 NOK

including a private follow-up hour (value 500 NOK) and a Timani manual. If you've taken the whole course before you can repeat the entire course again for 750 NOK (this does not include any follow-up sessions).

Are you...

interested in learning more about what actually happens underneath the skin when you are playing an instrument/singing? Timani is a revolutionary new method of teaching which combines theoretical knowledge from novel scientific discoveries within physiology and biology with movement analysis and physical exercises. The method is tailored specifically to the unique physical requirements musicians face when playing an instrument or singing.


This is the course for you if you:

•    Want a clearer understanding of the specific physical requirements for singing/ playing a musical instrument.
•    Want to alleviate or avoid future playing-related strain injuries.
•    Want to increase your strength, endurance and rapidity when playing.
•    Want to learn about the physical requirements for a free, healthy and full breath.
•    Want to find out if the way you move during playing might be keeping you from realizing your full musical potential.
•    Want to have more presence, awareness and joy while playing

Timani combines relevant theoretical knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, neurology and physiology, movement analysis and practical exercises with and without instrument.
Through the use of Timani you gain knowledge that lets you work with the body and the mind as active and conscious helpers.

The course is open to anyone who wants to develop as a musician and/or music teacher or anyone interested in learning how to use their body in a more optimal, wholesome and less straining way.

For further information and to secure your place please contact Miriam at mirhla@gmail.com