Location: Bergen

13 October

Your body is your primary instrument. Without it no music is possible and through

knowledge of it we get closer to the music and to our initial joy of playing.

do you:

  • Want to have more presence, awareness and joy while playing
  • Want to alleviate or avoid future playing-related strain injuries.
  • Want to increase your strength, endurance and rapidity when playing.
  • Want to learn how the deeper layers of your body can affect your mental and physical state when playing
  • Want to learn about the physical requirements for a free, healthy and full breath.
  • Want to find out if the way you move during playing might be keeping you from realizing your full musical potential.

Then we wish you welcome to try Timani!


An introduction to Timani - how to use the body optimally during singing and playing. Theory, relevant anatomy and basic practical exercises to better access your musical potential. Learn to know the “instrument” behind your instrument and how to make it work at its best.

Workshop. In this workshop we will work with among other things: shoulders and neck-stability and free movement. Anatomy, theory and practical exercises - which muscles needs to relax and which muscles needs to work in order for you to play and sing at your best?

Sitting-balance, stability and flow. Physical, mental and musical consequences from different ways of sitting and standing. House sitting can be used to free our breath and give a better and more detailed articulation to our fingers. Playing from the core. How the use of deep muscles and organs can affect musical parameters as well as our physical and mental state during singing and playing.

In this workshop you will be given theory and physical exercises to consciously change, affect and strengthen the coordination in your body when playing. You’ll also have a chance to experiment practically on your instrument.

If you previously have attended the Timani chorus it is also possible to just attend the workshop on Saturday.


13th Oct Saturday: 10am - 5pm


Workshop: 900 NOK - (800 NOK - student.)


Augustine Rikkeliva Nygaard (www.stemmepedagog.com)

Information and Registration:

Augustine Rikkeliva Nygaard: post@kranio-sakral.no