The Autonomic Nervous System and our internal systems of regulation, from an embodied perspective

The Autonomic Nervous System and our internal systems of regulation, from an embodied perspective

An online lecture/workshop for everybody (not aimed at musicians specifically, but can be useful for musicians as well)

Date: 20.09.20

Time: 18 – 20.30 (Norwegian time)

Place: zoom

As the times we live in get more and more challenging many of us are faced with a Nervous System on continued high alert.

More than ever we need to cultivate our body´s natural ability to sooth and restore us, and to down-regulate our stress responses, - responses which, at the same time, are very natural given our present-day situation.

So, what does it mean to «down-regulate»?

  • Is it simply a matter of forcing ourselves to ignore or repress unwanted thoughts or impulses?
  • To «accept and allow» whatever comes?
  • To rigorously follow a specific physical and mental regime?
  • And should we even try to down-regulate something which can also be a logical reaction to the reality of today?

Maybe the real question should be: are there ways to face and contain the experience of our reality today without paying the price of an over-active survival system?

In this lecture/workshop we will cover ways to interact with the nervous system from a body-mind perspective, - through gentleness firmly rooted in scientific facts, and with a direct relevance to our unique world situation today.

We will explore the physiology of the nervous system and the autonomic nervous system and cover topics like:

  • The polyvagal theory and the science of safety
  • The neural and chemical systems involved in your stress responses and what affects them.
  • Mental and Somatic techniques for increasing resillience, self-soothing and down-regulation of overwhelm and stress responses that seem stuck
  • A four step-process to increase the ability to contain difficult and challenging situations and emotions

The workshop will be held on Zoom. All you need is a journal for note-taking.

This will be the first of three lecture/workshops about the nervous system and the fascia system and their interconnectedness in stress-management, pain, movement, and healing. The lecture/workshops are hosted by Maria Hamburger on her platform (

IMPORTANT: If you live in Norway you register by sending an email to and pay through Norwegian bank transfer or VIPS. Price is 390,- NOK

Please use this link to read more about the event and order your ticket if you live outside of Norway:

Miriam M. M. Hlavatý is a Timani teacher at the Musicians Health and Movement Insititue in Oslo, Norway, a pianist, bodyworker, somatic coach and lecturer.

Miriam has given courses and lectures both in Norway and abroad on Timani, Pain Science, the Nervous System and the Fascia System. Miriam is a certified Restorative Exercise specialist of Nutritious Movement™. In addition she uses Mind Detox, embodied coaching exercises and somatic awareness techniques in her private practice both online and in person.