Support & Breathing

19th of April


Price: SEK 600/450(student),

all three workshops for SEK 1500/1200(student)

The price includes one follow-up lesson

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There are many methods concerning breathing, and you will find as many techniques and systems describing well-functioning breathing as you will find methods. Interestingly enough, however, almost all of them aim for the same experience of optimal breathing. Words like free, natural, effortless, expanding, relaxed, supported and deep are all part of a jargon shared by most of the ”schools” and methods within breathing pedagogy attempting to describe optimal breathing. So then the question is: why on earth is it so difficult to attain? Why is something that is natural difficult to gain?

During this workshop you will learn breathing and support from an anatomical perspective. What is actually happening when you inhale? Which muscles are responsible and how does it affect the rest of the body? You will also get to hear and try out what support and well-functioning breathing can do for your phrasing, sound and technique, during an informal master class.


During this four hour-workshop you will learn:

  • Four types of breathing and which one is the most beneficial for music making
  • Exercises to help you access stability and free breathing
  • How abdominal activity can enhance freedom in your arms
  • How one muscle can help you get richer sound and greater virtuosity