17th April


Price: SEK 600/450(student), all three workshops for SEK 1500/1200(student)

The price includes one follow-up lesson

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On this workshop you will learn how to sit in order to experience more security and freedom when you play an instrument or sing.

What does it mean to have a good posture? When we sit, the pelvis is the foundation on which the rest of the body balances. How we use the pelvis will therefore affect the functionality of the upper body, the shoulders, the arms and the fingers.

There are many myths regarding good posture. We often get told to sit straight, feel heavy and sit relaxed, without really knowing how or why.

This workshop will give you a better understanding of how you can sit in a way that gives you the best conditions to play an instrument or sing.


During this four hour-workshop you will learn:

  • Which muscles should be active and which should relax in order to have a solid foundation
  • How you can sit to get more freedom and precision in your music making, better sound and feel more secure on stage
  • How the breath is affected by how you sit
  • How the way you sit can prevent/ease pain in the back, neck, shoulders and arms