Shoulders & Neck

18th April


Price: SEK 600/450(student), all three workshops for SEK 1500/1200(student)

The price includes one follow-up lesson

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Most musicians have experienced tension or even pain in their neck, shoulders and arms. We often get told to relax our shoulders. But what is it exactly that we are supposed to relax? There are about 25 different muscles attaching to the shoulder (shoulder= shoulder blade, collar bone and shoulder joint). At least nine of these needs to be active in order for us to play/sing freely. Why then, are we only told to relax? And what muscles do we need to activate in order to stay pain free?

This, and much more, you will learn on tonight’s workshop.


During this four hour-workshop you will learn:

  • How the muscles in the shoulders affect your sound
  • How the muscles in the shoulders affect your breathing
  • Exercises to enhance the coordination in shoulders and neck, which can lead to a fuller sound, more control and greater virtuosity
  • How the rest of the body can help relieve the shoulders and neck
  • Why the position of the shoulder blade is crucial for having free arm movements