Shoulder and Neck Workshop


Date: 10th September, 2018

Time: 17 - 20

Teacher: Tina Margareta Nilssen

Most musicians experience tension or pain in the shoulders, neck and arms. We are told to "lower our shoulders", to "relax", or to pull our shoulders back. In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy and functioning of the shoulders. About which muscles that needs to be working and which who needs to relax in order to have a natural and healthy technique.

This 3 hour workshop includes

  • how the muscles of the shoulder can affect your breathing.
  • exercises to enhance coordination in the shoulders
  • how the rest of the body can help in relieving the shoulders of some of their work
  • how the position of the scapula or shoulder blade is decisive in order to have a stable foundation and thereby a free arm.


450/300 NOK


Skådalsveien 13A, Oslo

Information and registration: