Inner Coordination

Introduction workshop in Timani: Inner coordination

  • Do you utilize your entire potential when you play or sing?
  • Do you feel free to express your musicality with ease and power?
  • Do know what actually happens in your body when you play an instrument or sing?

As musicians, we are completely dependent on the coordination skills of our body. The interplay of muscular use is really complex, and it is therefore useful to have specific knowledge about what is going on when we play and sing. Timani can help musicians and teachers to develop a deeper understanding of the body and its function while playing and singing, based on anatomy and science.


In this 5 hour workshop you will receive an introduction to basic anatomy, relevant biomechanics and how muscles and other structures in the body can function optimally together for a solid, effective and good technique on the instrument.



Time:  11am-4pm

Date: Sunday December 1st, 2019

Place: Oslo, place will be announced on registration.

Price: 450/700 NOK (student/adult)


Instructors are Magnus Dorholt Kjeldal (opera singer, ascension teacher and Timani teacher) and Julie Enger Børresen (vocalist, drummer and Timani teacher)

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