Free intro workshop in Timani


DATE: 29th October, 2018

PLACE: Los Angeles, USA


Tina Margareta Nilssen (Founder of Timani)


Timani is a method especially developed by Tina Margareta Nilssen for musicians to understand what role the body plays in playing music and singing. For each and every instrument there are special requirements for the body to move effortlessly but yet controlled and powerful. In Timani this is analyzed and re-trained in a simple and effective way, to give tools and knowledge that the musician can take to the practice room and apply immediately at the instrument. The goal is injury reduction, more efficient playing and enhancing the authentic musical expression from within.

This course will leave you with a clear overview of technique, sound, power and relaxation. You will get theoretical knowledge and practical application of relevant anatomy and movement. Throughout the course you will gain a better understanding on which areas you have more to attain as a musician. The course involves playing your instrument and connecting theory and exercises, which enables you to become independent in creating your own development. By mastering new parts of the body you will be surprised and become inspired by the immediate effect on playing your instrument!

The course is open to anyone who wants to develop as a musician and/or music teacher.


FREE - You are the Pioneers - Places limited, sign up ASAP


4 – 6 pm


Pieter Performance Space

420 W Ave 33, Unit 10, LA CA 90031