Breath and Support Workshop

Welcome to workshop in breath and support!

• Are you curious about knowing more about what happens in your body when you breathe?

• Do you want to learn what inside your body gives you optimal support?

If yes, then this workshop is something for you!

At this workshop you will get: 

  • specific exercises for breathing more optimally
  • specific exercises to get more contact with support
  • introduction to four different types of breath and which one is most optimal for you as a singer/musicians
  • introduction to relevant anatomy for singers & brass/woodwind musicians

The knowledge and exercises you will learn at the workshop are based on Timani.


Time: Saturday March 10th, 11am-3pm

Place: Bergen, place will be announced on registration.

Price: 450, - NOK


Instructor is Emilie Storaas. She is a vocalist, vocal teacher and Timani teacher.

For questions please contact