Timani Certification Course

Timani English Certification Course


Application deadline April 20th 2020.

Early Bird price deadline April 1st.

Online video course through membership before summer live session.

Live in Oslo 12th – 26th of July 2020, and two weeks in both the summer of 2021 and 2022

The Timani Certification Program will, for the fifth time, be offered in English, as an online membership course with a summer intensive with a 2 week gathering in Oslo, Norway – all accommodation and food is included. This is for you who are english speaking. If you are from Norway, Sweden or Denmark, you can also apply to this course, or the Norwegian course. You will find it by clicking the Norwegian flag above!

In the Level 1 – course you will get:

  • Access to the recorded anatomy training that you will watch online before coming to Oslo in the summer 
  • Online group session with a Timani Master Teacher
  • Online individual sessions with your mentor (3 sessions)
  • Access to online videos with explanations of the Timani exercises
  • Individual sessions of coaching (during the summer gathering)
  • Individual lessons with a Master Teacher of Timani (during the summer gathering)
  • 1 session massage treatment during the summer gathering
  • Free entrance or discounts to all Timani Weekend Courses and helping as an assistant after you have attended your first course
  • Teachers Manual with lots of great stuff
  • Comprehensive Anatomy Manual for musicians written by Tina Margareta Nilssen
  • Free place to sleep/stay in Oslo during the course and food (3 meals and snacks) included every day!
  • Great friends and colleagues all over the world who love to make music and explore the potential of the body and mind

After Level 1 training you are qualified to:

  • Teach individual sessions of Timani
  • Give lectures and workshops about Timani

After Level 2 training you are trained within the teaching of every instrument and qualified to also give weekend courses in Timani

After Level 3 training you are qualified as a Mind Detox Method coach and further trained as a Timani teacher

Dates for Level 1:

Online program starts May 1st with the access to the Timani teachers manuals and videos

The summer gathering: 12th of July (arrival day before 23.00) – 26th of July (departure day anytime) in Oslo, Norway

Online group follow-ups after the summer intensive:

Dates are decided together as we go.

The Certification will cover anatomy, Timani methodology and movement fields that create the foundation of the Timani method for musicians. Simultaneously you will also get performance coaching for releasing any mental blocks when playing your instrument/singing and teaching Timani.

When you are certified you will have a much greater understanding of what it takes to play an instrument or sing, and you will have tools to help and inspire yourself and others to grow and discover more of both your and others’ potential.


  • Attend 3 private sessions with a certified Timani Teacher live, or online – if possible.
  • Membership on the online Timani course at the latest from the day you are accepted into the course: TimaniCommunity
  • Attend a mindfullness or meditation course and read Mind Calm by Sandy Newbigging, so that you have simple tools to use during the summer as we take breaks throughout the days.
  • Write an application before the 20th of April, see below for what you need to write about and know about.
  • It is preferred and highly recommended that you attend a Timani weekend course or workshop if possible where you live. But this is not required.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about the program! Please let us know if any of the prerequisites are difficult to attain and we will find a solution for you!


  • In-depth anatomy relevant to musicians, including basic biomechanics for musicians and basic exercises for coordination and differentiation of muscles. Taught by Timani Master Teachers
  • General knowledge of the connective tissue and the development of fascial integrity taught by Miriam Hlavaty, including 1 session of Fascia related massage
  • Developmental exercises for accessing deep muscles and training the brain-body connection. One day course, taught by Gabor Dalnoki 
  • Method and Rhetoric, training to see yourself and your student openly for promoting growth and safety, and how to give lectures. You also learn the structure of a Timani session. Taught by a Timani Master Teacher
  • The body-mind connection – exercises and knowledge of the brain’s fear response and how to observe and allow physical sensation.Taught by a Timani Master Teacher
  • Ascension meditation – will be a natural and integrated part of the days at the Timani Certification to rest your brain in-between lectures
  • Coaching – individually, to resolve hidden causes of tension and limitations, you will get familiar with different coaching techniques


  • Lotta Karlsson (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Henrik Vanvik-Hovstein (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Elin Marie Christensen (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Steinar Børmer (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Miriam Hlavaty (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Björg Brjansdottir (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Ellen Trømborg (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Siv Øyunn Kjenstad (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Oda Mathilde Dyrnes (Timani Master Teacher)
  • Gabor Dalnoki (Psychosomatic bodywork lecturer)
  • Bjørnar Theigmann/Miriam Hlavaty – massage

Included in the course of Level 1:

  • Timani lectures and sessions during the summer
  • 3 sessions of Timani/mental coaching on Skype before the summer and follow up after the summer
  • Performance coaching sessions during the summer
  • 1 session of 30 mins massage during the summer
  • Free or discounted entrance to all Timani Weekend Courses after completed Level 1
  • Online follow up on Facebook and group sessions etc
  • 20 hours practice – teaching sessions
  • 20 hours reading


  • Anatomy exam
  • Going through exercises
  • Doing the exercises yourself
  • Case studies (20)
  • Lecture (20 mins)
  • To be qualified you have to participate 90% of the course time.

The Timani Certification program is a privately run certification and will not give any official qualifications. However, you will learn a lot on how to help yourself and others.

Price for Level 1

Standard price: 32.000 (application deadline April 20th) Early Bird discount: 29.000 (application deadline April 1st)

Paid prior to Level 1 course beginning, or with a personalized payment plan.
The price includes all lessons/sessions/online follow up/some material/food/simple accommodation in the summer if needed

Price for Level 2

NOK 29.000 
including all lessons/sessions/online follow up/some material/food/simple accommodation in the summer if needed

Price for Level 3

NOK 29.000 
including all lessons/sessions/online follow up/some material/food/simple accommodation in the summer if needed

For applying, read this:

  • I have had 3 private sessions in Timani live or online (let me know if you need help to find a teacher or if this was not possible)
  • I am a member of the TimaniCommunity online course
  • I have a special interest for the potential of the body in relation to instrumental playing/singing.
  • I have special interest in helping other people, to get to know myself fully, my body and my potential
  • I have learned and have a practice of meditation/mindfulness that I can use in the breaks during the course days
  • I will read “Mind Calm” by Sandy Newbigging before coming to the summer intensive
  • I have studied music or I am performing professionally or teaching (let me know if you want to apply even if this doesn’t apply for you)
  • I am a mature and responsible human being in my own life
  • I am interested in developing further as a musician, teacher and person
  • I am willing to dedicate myself to learning the content of the Timani Certification program and follow it to the best of my ability
  • Ready to fill out the application with: Name, birth date, where you have studied, work place or place of current studies, address, mail address, and a text about the reasons for your interest and why you want to study Timani. What do you want to have from the course, and how have you worked on your self up to now in regards to taking care of your physical and mental health?

Apply for 2020 class by CLICKING HERE


Application deadline is the 20th of April, Early Bird discount April 1st. Your application will be read by a jury and the decision will be made at the latest by the 1st of May.

Do you have any questions? Send them to post@timani.no!


“I took the Timani weekend intro course in 2015 and for lack of a better phrase I had my mind blown. “Someone actually knows this stuff?!” It was such an empowering relief to get clear, anatomical explanations of things I had experienced, but which my teachers hadn’t been able to help me with.

I used the exercises on my own for months afterwards and they helped, but for some reason I didn’t think the teacher training certification was for me.

Finally my hunger for the whole big picture outweighed everything else and I applied. I can’t believe I waited so long!!! I learned SO much in only two weeks, had incredible support from the amazing teachers, and came away with more than enough tools to keep me busy the whole year. This course is unique in that it focuses on the whole person, each individual is seen, heard, and gets what they need. I honestly can not wait for Level 2 this summer!”

– Christine Clancy

Flutist and Timani Certification student

“Basically I have no time to practice in my daily life as a freelance cellist, a teacher as well as a mother of two children. Since I have learned Timani it has been bringing me a hope that I can continuously develop as a musician even without sitting by my cello. Because all timani exercises I can easily apply in my daily life, and it gives directly an effect on my cello playing. I am really astounded!”

 – Jungen Linderholm

Cellist and Timani Certification student


Tina Margareta Nilssen

Skådalsveien 13A, 0781 – Oslo


Hear some musicians after they attended a Timani weekend course