Timani provides a whole new awareness when it comes to exactly what we need with regard to the requirements of musicians. I am happy that I found something as specialized as this.

– Leif Ove Andsnes, pianist

If you are a teacher it is not within your integrity to ignore this course once you have heard of it. You will learn the latest cutting edge understandings and knowledge about the body explained and applied to music making for instant progress.

–  Shukrananda Gant, singer/voice teacher (UK)

This course should be mandatory for all musicians and music teachers!

– Vibeke Breian, Associate Professor of saxophone at the Norwegian Academy of Music (Norway)

Timani offers a great revelation of how to use the body in the most efficient way for musicians. It is both very theoretical and anatomical, and very practical in a natural and personal way.

– Hallfridur Olafsdottir, solo flutist, Island Symphony Orchestra

If you want to know how your body works, and improve it, take a Timani class.

– Michael Kaulartz, solo fagott, Island symfoniorkester

Timani is extremely helpful for musicians in order to improve the body awareness, and getting more support from the body when playing.

– Bryndis Björgvinsdottir, cello, Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Instant improving results in sound, and know-how to prevent and heal playing-related injuries.

– Brjánn Ingason, alt. solo fagott, Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Helps you find a better way to express yourself on your instrument.

– Dora Björgvinsdottir, violinist Iceland Symphony Orchestra

This course is a must. You don´t know anything yet.

– Dagny Björgvinsdottir, violinist Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra

Timani will give you amazing possibilities for development as a musician and human being!

– Beate Mordal, opera singer

I feel much more present in all parts of my body, a more whole me. This course gives very good insight into a concrete way of using the body in the best possible way.

– Emilie Storaas, singer

Timani has given me increased physical strength and access to power and energy that I can apply in musical situations. It has now become easier for me to express what I want musically because my body is being used optimally.

– Victoria Johnson, violinist

During the past year I’ve taken multiple private lessons with Tina Margareta Nilssen. Already on the first lesson with her I experienced this type of method and technique to be very effective, specific and easily accessible. Through these lessons I’ve gained a better understanding about, and connection with the muscles used in my playing, as well as a greater control over sound and technique. Tina possesses a knowledgeable, intuitive and holistic perspective on the body. She knows how the body plays most efficiently and at its best. She also has a warm and open-minded way of communicating.

– Ingrid Andsnes, pianist

If you want an immediate effect on sound and playing, attend one of the Timani courses!

– Malin Larsen, clarinet

This course will definitely leave you with eye-openers that will improve your ability to express whatever you fancy on your instrument.

– Sondre Ringsevjen, pianist

This workshop is most beneficial for your freedom, technique and sound at the instrument.

– Nicola Maricovic, piano

It is unbelievable how small things (movements) can make you experience things more intensively.

– Svetlana Jelic, fiolin

The course addresses problems in a very clear and understandable way, problems that most teachers refer to in an abstract and enigmatic manner.

– Joachim Sture, piano

This course provides a platform to explore ones full potential as a musician, going into areas overlooked and misunderstood by many conventional teaching methods.

– Nick Gordon, bass/guitar (London)

Tina works in a unique way that is based on the physical aspects of playing in a clear and well-founded way. She does magic to my sound and builds freedom in my playing!

– Rasmus Bondevik, pianist

Timani has helped me improve my sound, increase control, given me a healthier more sustainable use of my body and a stronger mental focus. Timani has already become a huge resource for many different musicians here in Norway and abroad. Lars Petter Berg, solo-oboe in the Norwegian Opera Orchestra (Norway This course has changed my future as a musician!

– Karoline Wallace, jazz singer