About Tina Margareta Nilssen

Tina Margareta Nilssen (f. 1977) is passionate about helping musicians to get more out of their musical potential and to have a better life. She herself is a classical pianist with lots of additional courses in physical and mental fields, so that she could understand the mysteries of how we humans are put together. Her driving force has been to discover what it really takes to develop fully as an artist and gain a genuine expression through music. To build bridges between what science and body geniuses already know about the body, mind and brain, and deliver this in a practical and understandable way through effective tools that musicians can gain from.

Tina has taught thousands of musicians from the whole world, and has through this experience discovered where there are common answers for everyone, and where the individual needs time and space to grow. All musicians are unique, and all lives carry their own history that can impact the body and the life as a musician.



Tina Margareta Nilssen is the creator of Timani. She has implemented knowledge from traditional and specific schools within the fields of body and mind and made it relevant to musicians. The name Timani can as a consequence of the combinations of fields and knowledge being unique, so that people easily could know what to expect when signing up for a Timani session or course. Some of the components embedded in Timani is her long time learning from Gabor Dalnoki and his psychosomatic body work, as well as year long learning and collaborating with Heide Görtz and her Görtz Method. Some of the exercises come directly from these amazing sources, often with a Timani-tweak on top of it. Other exercises are developed by Tina herself, or are from traditional sources but with more specific instructions for musicians within them. This is so that musicians can know how to make new coordination skills relevant in their every day life when expressing music while performing and practising.

Tina has since October 2013 educated musicians through her own certification program for musicians in Oslo, Norway. So far there are 67 musicians from 11 different countries that has done or is in the doing of her 3-year certification program. Those that choose to do the private certification that she offers are professional musicians, university teachers, music school teachers and music students. In addition to running the certification, Tina teaches conductors, soloists, orchestra musicians, university teachers and students, talent schools and music school teachers in Timani. She has regularly taught students at all the music universities in Norway for several years.



As a classical pianist, Tina has her Masters Degree in solo and chamber music performance from The Norwegian Academy of Music (Prof. Jens Harald Bratlie). Her studies also include a Bachelor from NTNU-Institute of Music (Jørgen Larsen), Barratt Due Music institute (Prof. Jiri Hlinka) and a one-year ERASMUS study during her Masters Degree at the University of Arts, Berlin (Prof. Heide Görtz). She has released three internationally renowned CD’s with the Dena Piano Duo on the record label 2L, and has performed in most European countries and the USA.
You can read more about her as a pianist here.


Other educations, certifications and courses

Tina is also trained as a Massage Therapist (Axelsons Body Work School), Ascension meditation teacher (The Bright Path), Mind Detox Practitioner (MDM Academy), and Psychosomatic body work (Gabor Dalnoki). She has done a yoga teacher training with emphasis on biomechanics, a specialization in kinaesthesia for pianists (Prof. Heide Görtz), Kinetic Control certification(The Movement Performance Solution), Brainspotting Phase 1, 2, 3 og Master Class (David Grand) and attended additional courses on biomechanics, natural movement, trauma therapy and body work.



There is a book coming soon! And an online community for musician body nerds. She is also soon releasing her first solo-CD on the record company 2L with music of Edvard Grieg, Signe Lund og Ludwig van Beethoven.

To create a platform for her students to play music, she runs the Timani Music Festival in Oslo, Norway. You can read more about that here. and feel free to sign up for the Timani Newsletter in the link below, if you want some updates on all of this!