About Timani

As musicians we are completely dependent on the coordination skills of our body. The interplay of muscular use is really complex, and it is therefore useful to have specific knowledge about what is actually going on when we play and sing. This is where Timani comes in as a unique supplement to traditional teaching methods. Timani can help musicians and teachers to develop a deep understanding of the body and its function while playing and singing, based on anatomy and science.

Many musicians feel that through Timani they have gotten answers to questions related to their instrumental and musical challenges, and that they gain more conscious choices on how to use their body when practicing.

Timani can not just solve physical problems, but it can also help you to really get out your musical expression; so that it flows through you, just as you dreamt of in the time you chose to become a musician. – Dagny Bakken, co-principal 2.violin in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

The guidance of a Timani Teacher offers help to enhance your physical potential and through a more healthy use of the body it might also prevent repetitive strain injury. You will learn basic principles on how to stand, sit, breathe and use your fingers, arms and shoulders while playing and singing. You will also learn how to use your feet, sitting bones and hands to push away from the ground. This will help to give secure contact, control and accuracy between the instrument, body and brain. When the signals between the body and brain moves more efficiently, it will be easier to let music flow through the system and have increased clarity when practising and on stage.

“It is crazy how little we know about what the body actually wants and what is good for it. And it is unbelievable what one can get used to when we don’t know better. If one first has become aware of the possibilities, it is impossible to go back to old technique. – Marte H. Wulff, artist

The goal of Timani is to gain concrete knowledge, physical awareness and control that gives you the opportunity to express your full musical potential.



You learn to better understand the coordination needed to play your instrument


You will better understand how you can minimize the risk of getting playing related injuries through changing how you use your body


You will gain more possibilities related to technique, sound, better timing and a more natural phrasing


As a musician you will have the tools to make it possible to express your full musical potential without unnecessary physical limitations


Timani courses and workshops:

Our courses are mainly for musicians, and normally run over one weekend. You might find workshops and lectures in the course calendar too. We find it essential to create a positive and safe environment in our courses, as a foundation to learn lots of new and exciting tools.

In a Timani course you will learn a lot of theory about your body, exercises to enhance your coordination and how to relate all this to playing an instrument or singing. If you get inspired to learn a lot more and take the 3 year Timani certification course after your Timani weekend course, you can read more about it here.

Timani private sessions:

Many of our Timani teachers are spread around the world. You find them in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Scotland, England, Portugal, Taiwan and more. Some of them also offer Skype sessions.
In a Timani private session you will get an analysis of your playing, and learn individualized theory and exercises to get access to more of your physical potential when playing. Timani is not a form of therapy, but many musicians have found great help through Timani with playing related pains and injuries. You will also learn basic principles about the body, and how to gain more security in your individual practice as a musician. The lessons are adjusted to your wishes and needs at the moment.


  • A specific analysis of your playing/singing – through yours and your teacher’s observation
  • The anatomical knowledge needed to understand what you observed
  • Specifically guided exercises for optimizing how you use your body while playing, improving motor skill and coordination, and how you can sense what you do more precisely.
  • Implementation of the new motor skill and sensory experience in your playing/singing.
  • Reviewing how this affected your ability to access musical expression in a more direct and natural way, and if this felt new or comfortable to you.


  • A clear overview of technique, sound, power and relaxation.
  • Theoretical knowledge about relevant anatomy and basic biomechanics that every musician should know
  • Physical exercises to enhance coordination and to promote new discoveries of your physical potential through “waking up” new muscles
  • Practical application of the new motor skills as you are performing
  • Observation and analysis of others for a deeper understanding
  • Inspiration to develop further as a musician while developing mastery of your body-brain connection

The seven pillars of Timani

  • helse-pilarer-musikere3Relevant anatomy for musicians – For knowing what happens under the skin when we play and sing
  • Movement analysis for musicians – For alignment and understanding and sensing how to use the internal physical forces in relation to gravity for musical expression, sound and endurance
  • Connective tissue mechanics – For experiencing how it affects postural chain reactions, elasticity, breathing, phrasing and technique
  • Healthy natural breathing – Diaphragmatic breathing while in action, and psoas muscle innervation for deepened sense of whole body musical expression from within
  • Getting to know ground force reaction – Awakened through developmental exercises to get the right tension, not too tense and not too relaxed, but effortless!
  • Mind-body connection – For understanding the brain in response to stress, and on the other hand for connecting the musical expression to physical sensation
  • Awareness – Simply for being with the music NOW, and for an optimal relaxed focus