ENGLISH: UNLEASHING THE POTENTIAL OF THE MUSICIANS’ BODY – Timani, anatomy and exercises for healthy playing and singing

NORWEGIAN pre-sale for a signed copy, shipping out September/October 2021: KUNSTEN Å SPILLE PÅ LAG MED KROPPEN – Timani, en praktisk og teoretisk tilnærming til sang og instrumentalspill


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Timani – move better to play better

Many musicians experience discomfort or injury some time in their career, or struggle with technical problems because of physical issues.

The foundation of how we help musicians lies in the method Timani which is designed to help instrumentalists and singers understand and overcome such difficulties. By focusing on the physiological aspects of playing and singing, it enables musicians to make the best use of their body while practicing and performing.

Timani draws on a deep understanding of science and anatomy. It is used by musicians worldwide – from soloists to entire ensembles, and from students to established professionals – whether they have already experienced performance-related pain or injury, or want to prevent them arising in the first place. Timani is also becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, taught by an ever-increasing network of teachers in fifteen countries who are inspired to pass on its benefits to musicians everywhere.

“Timani provides a whole new awareness when it comes to the requirements for musicians. I have worked with many good therapists but I am happy that I found something as specialized as this. I feel that Timani is unique.”
Leif Ove Andsnes


The essentials of Timani

Singing or playing an instrument requires complex, coordinated and refined use of more than 600 muscles in your body. Timani helps you to understand your own anatomy and the relationship between your brain, body and instrument or voice. It is designed to improve the way you stand, sit, breathe and move through individually customized exercises, with benefits for:

Coordination – understanding the coordination needed to sing or play your instrument

Health – changing how you use your body to minimise the risk of performance-related injury or pain caused by compensatory muscular patterns or misalignment

Musicality – enhancing technique, sound, better timing and more natural phrasing

Confidence – understanding the relationship between body and mind brings positive psychological effects and improves focus, in the practice room and on stage

Potential – reaching your full potential as a musician by gaining tools that will enable you to express yourself without unnecessary physical limitations.

All Timani teachers are musicians with an additional certification in Timani that make them able to guide your coordination regardless of your instrument. Find a teacher in your country by clicking on the teacher finder in the menu.