Hands, wrists and forearms online workshop

Hands, wrists and forearms online workshop

"I have worked with many good therapists, but I have to say that the knowledge that I experienced that Tina has within this field, is very special, in relation to us musicians. It’s a whole other awareness when it comes to exactly what we need."..."I am really happy that I came to something as specialized as this." Leif Ove Andsnes - from an interview about musicians' health at Steinway Gallery, Oslo 2019 

Time: 18-21 - Oslo/Norway time zone, Oct 1st 2020

Price: kr. 500/EUR 50 (members of the Timani Community online course can join for free!)

Taught by: Tina Margareta Nilssen - creator of Timani and CEO of the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute

To sign up email: vegard@timani.no

Language: The course will be taught in English

About the course: In this course you will learn anatomy and exercises for the hands, wrist and forearm. We will talk about what we have to master as musicians in order to have a flexible wrist, to maintain strength in the fingers while also having a heavy and relaxed arm and elbow.

You will learn about the different muscles of the hands, wrist and forearm and how this knowledge applies to different instruments and different pain and injury conditions.

The essentials of Timani: Singing and playing an instrument requires complex, coordinated and refined use of more than 600 muscles in your body. Timani helps you to understand your own anatomy and the relationship between your brain, body and instrument or voice. It is designed to improve the way you stand, sit, breathe and move through individually customised exercises, with benefits for:

  • Coordination – understanding the coordination needed to sing or play your instrument
  • Health – changing how you use your body to minimise the risk of performance-related injury or pain caused by compensatory muscular patterns or misalignment
  • Musicality – enhancing technique, sound, better timing and more natural phrasing
  • Confidence – understanding the relationship between body and mind brings positive psychological effects and improves focus, in the practice room and on stage
  • Potential – reaching your full potential as a musician by gaining tools that will enable you to express yourself without unnecessary physical limitations

Practicals: The course will be filmed for educational purposes for Timani certification students, and made available for the public.

To sign up please email: vegard@timani.no